Ladies and gentleman the time has come to inhabit the Town. Thank you so much for being a part of this vision, both creatively and sustainably. We can’t wait for you to explore the third round of this co-creation <3 Here is some must know information for all Town residents.

Conduct: The Town is a family friendly and sustainable festival.  Please roll with natural good vibes and not hedonism as it is not what this beautiful little place is about.  Thanks in advance for your understanding of how much this helps create a truly special event <3

Dogs: At request of the site, no dogs will be allowed on-site.  Please respect this as there is native wild-life and children at the Festival :)

Kids: The Town is a family friendly festival so please be mindful of this at all times.  The Town needs to be looked after for the future littles ones just liked the real world does. Conduct yourself with fun and respect <3 Please note all children must have tickets purchased for them, and we are now at capacity so cannot take on any more even if the parents have tickets. Thanks for your understanding.

Cars: Please please please travel light and arrive in full cars. We really need 3 people per car minimum to fit comfortably on the site,  but 4 is ideal. This approach helps us achieve a Sustainable Festival where less is more.  Please note cars with less then 3 will receive a $20 fee which will be donated to the local CFA.  Please also not no cars/busses or trailers are allowed on site.

Trailers + carvans and busses: Please note due to site size and Permit conditions, not trailers or busses will be allowed on site. Sincere apologies for this not being clearer earlier.

Sustainability: Please read Sustainability Guide and bring minimal to zero disposable anything, and focus on natural sustainable partying. Thankyou so much in advance. Also bring a plate and a cup :)

Carpooling: Page here

Doors: Town gates open 9am Friday, Leave super early to avoid Easter Traffic or camp outside of the city the night before <3

Tickets: Please bring your tickets for scanning on door (no reception), Bring ID and arrive with friends if you purchased multiple tickets.

Ticket Transfers: Click the Ticket page for Ticket transfers, $5 per transfer.

Camping: On arrival you will receive your suburbs wristband and directions from our lovely immigration team. Please please camp humbly, share tents and get cosy with your buddies and avoid overly spreading out and big tents. Do bring letterboxes, decor and fun things to share with people around you.   There will also be a council municipality in each suburb to make the suburb your own, and elections on the Saturday for suburb mayors.


Food: Vegalicious , Psybus and the university cafe will be serving delicious healthy food all weekend.  It is still the fire danger period so under certain conditioned Gas stoves are allowed, but not encouraged. Gas Stoves are allowed in low wind conditions (under 10 knot), fully attended at all times, and 3 metres from any tents or material.  Fire Extinguishers at entry sign to each suburb.

Alcohol: BYO is allowed in moderation (no kegs or excessive consumption. Also please no glass and also no plastic in line with our zero waste approach. Consider putting alcohol into re-usable vessels, in the worst case, use cans as they crush up nicely.

Ice: Available from Swanpool General Store.

Fire: Ice’s arch enemy, Fire.  We will have safe set up fire pits, overseen by our Town Fireman.  Please do not light your own fires under any circumstances.  Adding logs to fires once they are going is okay.

Passouts: Avaliable from 12-4pm Saturday and Sunday. Swanpool General Store is 20 minutes away and sells a range of goods, and Benalla is 30 minutes from site. Please drive very safely and slowly on the roads, sticking to the left.  Last year police were setup at the local Town and given it is Easter Weekend, we may expect the same again so please be responsible :)

Neighbours: The neighbouring property is in very close proximity and we want to be very respectful. We can all do this by acknowledging the quiet zones at night (Pleasantville suburbs), not entering the ‘Don’t get out of town’ perimeter, and being aware that the sites beautiful river is their drinking water downstream. We want to respect the proximity and strengthen our relationship further, so lets show them how pro we are at this and that as a community we really do care about them and the land  <3

Costumes/theatrics: Okay… Time to get fun, find your character, register for Mayor, play games, interact, create skits, add to your suburbs council headquarters, be bizarre, run a uni-class, go on an adventure, get wild! This whole party is a playground and we want you to not just play in it, but be a part of the creation. Next to sustainability, this is what this event is all about <3 We have so many amazing things planned are excited to see what you all come up with to. Bring it on! We will see you all up on site beautiful people. Let’s lead the way in creativity and sustainable partying and make this one to remember, setting the tone for what we as a community are capable of. Yiew! Huge love! <3


Note: To make this site work we are asking you please carpool with minimum 3 per car. The Town requests humble camping, shared tents with your friends, and Carpooling in-line with our Sustainable approach and to make the site work so it can remain our yearly home :)
But yes, the time has come to Get out of Town!

Drive North up the Hume Hwy for just under 2 hours. Take in all the beautiful dry fields. Oh look there is a cow.

Take the turn-off to Benalla, and then head right on the Midland Hwy.

Please do not take the first exit to Lima East Rd. Drive through Swanpool and put indicator on left if you want to hit the General Store, or Right, nice and early, to take the very first right after Town, Lima East Road.

Take the first left, drive to end and then turn left at T-Intersection following signs to Charnwood Camp. Please drive safe. There are some sharp turns and one very dangerous one in particular so stay area. There is also wildlife that can jump out, and assume there will be oncoming traffic around every corner as there are neighbours the whole way along. Some locals raised concerns with increased traffic so lets show them how awesome we are and take our time

At the end take a little hook to the left, and towards Charnwood.

WELCOME TO THE TOWN. Leave reality and our city ways behind, and welcome to the land of creativity, absurdity, sustainability and love. Yew!